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OMGUI - Open source Multiplatform GUI toolkit


Project Status: Pre-Alpha
Developement Version:0.1.0
Stable Version:None Yet


Robin McNeill aka SnakeChomp
Project Lead, API Design,
Microsoft Windows Implementation

Thomas Steinacher aka tom
Cocoa Implementation

Mart Raudsepp aka leio
GTK+ Implementation

OMGUI is an open source project to create a well designed cross platform GUI API utilizing modern C++ design idioms.

Cross Platform GUI

OMGUI is being designed from the ground up to have an API which makes sense across all supported platforms, which are currently Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and GTK+. Not only does this give the developer an API which is easy to understand, it helps to ease the burden of implementing the API, as the API has been designed to work with the underlying system instead of forcing it to try to act like a different platform. This results in a codebase which is easier to maintain and understand, which ultimately will yield less bugs or platform specific "features".

Source and Binary compatibility

Another key aspect of the projects design is the absolute gaurantee of not only source compatibility, but binary compatibility as well, over an entire major release series. This design element was influenced primarily by the example of some current GUI toolkits, which are notoriously bad at maintaining binary compatibility between releases while managing to introduce source code incompatibilities at the same time.

OMGUI development

The development of OMGUI can be discussed on IRC. We currently reside on the freenode network, in channel #omgui.